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Education & Seminars For Utah Community Associations And Homeowners

As we see it, part of our job as HOA attorneys is to provide as much helpful information as we can to condo and community associations and homeowners. We believe that ongoing education about HOA law can help maximize quality of life and property values for communities throughout Utah.

To learn more about our legal and educational services, please call Richards Law, PC, at 801-937-4004 or complete our contact form. With primary offices in Salt Lake City, our attorneys advise and represent clients from Logan to St. George.

Late Night Lawyer

One great way to get topic-specific information on HOA matters is to visit our YouTube channel, “Late Night Lawyer.” Attorney John Richards discusses a variety of issues relevant to boards, managers and homeowners.

HOA Presidents Club

If you are the President of an Owners Association, we have a quarterly networking session to explore common challenges and successes with our communities.

For more information, please reach out to us.

Educational Events And Training: HOA University

We regularly conduct free educational courses, which we call “HOA University.” We also receive many requests to address individual boards, associations and managers on topics specific to their needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Attorney John Richards’ HOA Law Blog

For a deep dive into current HOA issues, including updates to HOA legislation in Utah, please visit www.johnrichardshoalawblog.com. We offer a variety of Q & A discussions, as well as comments and thoughts from the firm.

Utah Laws

Access the Community Association Act, Condominium Ownership Act and Nonprofit Corporation Act:

As you undoubtedly know, these are complex pieces of legislation that are frequently revised. We recommend contacting our firm for up-to-date counsel in these matters.

Our founding attorney, John Richards, successfully lobbied a number of HOA-related bills before of the Utah State Legislature, including certain amendments to the Utah Condominium Ownership Act and introduction of the Utah Community Association Act. He is also among a select few attorneys in the entire country to be admitted to the College of Community Association Lawyers.

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