“As you are aware our colleague and friend, John Richards, passed away unexpectedly this year. We have greatly appreciated your patience, understanding, and loyalty as we have navigated through this difficult time for us personally and as a firm. We are pleased to let you know that we have been acquired by the law firm of Jenkins Bagley Sperry, PLLC ( “Jenkins Bagley Sperry, PLLC) is willing to represent you on your open matters going forward. We are also pleased to let you know that Patsy Young, Stacy Lasson, Jana McNeil, and Teresa Jenkins, valued members of the legal team that assisted with your matters that were handled by Richards Law, are integrating with the law firm of Jenkins Bagley Sperry, PLLC. “

Utah HOA Attorneys Representing Clients From Salt Lake City

We Offer Legally Compliant Collection Services For Utah HOAs

At Richards Law, PC, we help alleviate burdens for community associations by handling collections in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). If a homeowner is delinquent, we can help you collect the money that is owed to your association.

To discuss your concerns with an experienced HOA law and collections attorney, please call us in Salt Lake City at 801-274-6800 or complete our contact form. We advise and represent clients throughout Utah

Common Sense Collections

Of the many things an association board needs to worry about, assessment collections do not need to be one of them!

Richards Law has been, and remains, your one-stop law firm for all of your HOA’s legal needs, including collections. We call our unique collections program “Common Sense Collections” because it “makes sense” that a delinquent owner should be responsible for not only bringing the account current but also paying for legal fees related to collections.

Under our Common Sense Collections program, we do not take a portion of the recovery like a collection agency or other attorneys. We strive for 100% of what the HOA is owed and 100% of legal fees incurred — all from the owner!

Our firm has been working with HOA boards since 2004 to collect on delinquent accounts and resolve disputes with homeowners. John Richards, Esq., has been doing HOA collections since 1999. Our attorneys were the first to introduce a deferred attorney fee collection program in Utah.

We provide a fast-track resolution process to bring delinquent accounts current in a cost-effective manner. We believe that we have the most effective system in the State of Utah.

We Make It Easy For You

Richards Law has a full-time staff of assessment collection professionals to assist your association with all of the issues that arise in each step of a collection matter. We have one person assigned for every step of the collection process, which is overseen by Patsy Young, Esq.

As attorneys, we have (in most cases) a statutory and contractual right to recover our fees from delinquent owners. In most situations, the HOA pays nothing in attorney fees. Please contact us for details as some exceptions apply.

Further, we offer online accessibility that allows our clients to obtain real-time information regarding their collection accounts with us. Our online collections system keeps you informed of all progress, issues and updates as they are made so you have up-to-date information heading into a board or annual meeting.

Collection remedies are broad. We know them all. Why trust another firm with less experience? Shouldn’t your accounts be handled by the best professionals in the business?

Our firm offers educational services and seminars regarding a wide range of HOA and condo issues, including collections, CC&Rs, bylaws, amendments and enforcement. Please see our overview of HOA education and seminars to learn more.

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We pride ourselves in our association collection process. If you have delinquent homeowners and are unsure of your next steps, we can advise you on the most cost-effective course of action. These are inherently sensitive matters that we handle tactfully and assertively.

Find out how we can help you by calling 801-274-6800, or complete our contact form. With primary offices in Salt Lake City, our attorneys advise and represent community associations statewide.