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How often should you have HOA board meetings?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Homeowner Associations |

Board meetings are an important part of running a homeowner’s association. You should hold board meetings regularly and on time, so that all homeowners or their representatives are able to be present.

It is common to hold board meetings at least four times a year, which is once each quarter. Those sessions will need to be open meetings with some exceptions, as is stated in the Utah Code.

What constitutes a board meeting?

Utah law requires most board meetings to be open meetings, but not all meetings will necessarily meet the qualifications of being board meetings. Board meetings are a gathering of the HOA board, either by electronic means or in person, when the board can take binding action. If the group of board members is meeting to discuss options but has no intention to set up binding actions, then the meeting may not qualify as a board meeting.

While some board decisions can be handled without a meeting, those actions have to meet special requirements. For example, if there is a unanimous decision by the board in an email, then no meeting necessarily has to take place.

Permanent records of all board actions do need to be kept.

Is it worth having more than four quarterly board meetings?

Sometimes. While quarterly meetings are a great time to go over all the issues that your board has to handle, you may want to consider holding additional meetings, too. For instance, if the HOA is impacted by a natural disaster, it may make sense to hold additional meetings for decision-making activities.

What if you’re not sure how often to hold board meetings or if one is required?

If you’re not sure if a particular issue requires a board meeting or you want to be sure that you stay on the right side of the law with the number of meetings you’re planning, it may be worth speaking with someone familiar with Utah HOA laws. Violating these laws can be costly, so it is valuable to make sure that you set your HOA board meetings up correctly and take care of legal matters appropriately.